Shit done got real! #ufc big bro training me!!


    This isn’t the whole picture but this shit is wayy too funny!

    So i decided to turn my #toshiba on that has been broke for months now and it works now. God really works, in the coolest ways…#nexus2 #flstudio i’m soooo hype! “I told you i was good, now imma make you love me.”

    #newbreeduntill #freestyle noopey na’mon

    Turnt upp, i’m sorry for the tunt-ness #Nbu #drunk #drinks

    Rocky d #Nbu freestyle

    Time to get turnt, who fucking with me!? Hmu

    Oh boy eats!! #asian #chinese lo mein!!

    I’m on to something, this says it all. Don’t be blind to fact. Pictures like this have increased my want to detach from technology. It ruins people and peoples people skills. It also decreases literacy if all you use the internet for facebook. I say get out and go learn something. #awoke #stayup #gm

    This is why i rarely speak my thoughts cause the #oomf thinks my status be about them. Lol #jokes i only speak on what i observe. I’ll be sure to tag people if that’s what you want. -noop

    My #wcw is my beautiful neice @sumarra_antonette and not none of you o’s i love this girl to death. I’ll catch a bullet for her, so remember i’ll shoot for her too. Thats just the unc in me :) love you #mars!!

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